Daily News, Tue, Nov 18

Western States lottery signup closed on Saturday and 2,600+ people got their names in. There were 2,700 last year, so the 100km/100m qualifier curbed growth, but didn’t significantly cut the number. Are you flirting with lady luck and how many tickets do you have?

Poor Lance can’t even finish a beer mile.

Badwater returns to original course.

10382364_10152791445756488_4480732416930486354_oiRunFar offers previews of the men’s and women’s fields at the World 100km Championships; 5km loops for 100k…on pavement and tile…at night. [eric here. I was just with Max, Meghan, and Pam, and all three are anxious for the race. Those women are on fire!]

Edited: That’s Kilian’s Strava data from Hardrock. It sounds like the “short” distance was due to data conversions among GPS systems. Crazy performance!

A few general training tips from The North Face athletes Stephanie Howe and Rob Krar.

And Coach Jay offers thoughts on when to do strides.

Anyone looking for a killer job next year?

It’s triathlon, but very relevant: a Type-A, disciplined nutrition strategy from 2014 Ironman Hawaii champ.

The images by Ian Corless from the Everest Trail Race look nice…you know, if you’re into mountains and stuff.

Some docs are advising against using ice as a recovery tool. I like those docs!

Pearl Izumi Road N3, you say? Yum…

Hugo is starting a series of videos that highlight trails around Boulder. Here’s one that looks very cold and surprisingly flat.

We all like poop talk, right? (Oh, it’s just me?)  Well many of us have been in this type of situation, but Ras writes about it and gets it right. Very funny.

I’ve got weak glutes (like most of us, no?), so is this for me?

Recent URP guest Ian Sharman talks more about his injury on his blog. How hard is it to maintain his positive outlook if you’re injured?

Anyone participate in Team RWB weekend with Eric? [eric here: Stay tuned for a video of Max, Schlarb, Jason Bryant, Dom Grossman, Joe Uhan, Paul Terranova, and Ford Smith competing in an incredible OCR race from camp.]

Tim’s flying over from the UK to run Brazos Bend to honor a friend killed on a bike.  And wow, I didn’t realize the race had a special sub-16 buckle. Check it out!

NUC: let’s say ~200 calories/hour is average for ultrarunners, here are images of 200 calories of some everyday food. May I please have the avocado and the donut?

You might need those calories if you’re running another 200 miler (or 208, but who’s counting?).

NUC: The NYTimes has a more in-depth article of Clif’s reassessment of risk in their sponsored athlete ranks.

Today’s news courtesy of Luke @ seekingultra.blogpost.com [Eric here: This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but flight delays, dead batteries, and me being exhausted from an awesome weekend delayed it. I’ve added a few more to Luke’s collection as well.  That’s also pic on the front page. Thanks again!]

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