Daily News, Tue, Nov 26

It’s nice to see Karl back putting out his pithy odds! Here they are for The North Face 50.

Great piece on Buzz Burrell and Ultimate Direction. We’ve worked with Buzz on a few things and his attention to, and passion for, his products is unrivaled.  And what an amazing life!

Are 200 mile races the next big thing? I can’t wait to see how Tahoe200 unfolds.

Interesting: Jamaica’s entire anti-doping board resigns.

Protip: If your doc says you have a stress fracture and not to run…don’t run.

My piece from yesterday: An ultrarunner’s totally rational fear of marathons.

and a different angle, by the good guys at trailandultrarunning.com

Scientologists help ease marathon fatigue. Yeah.

Another great installment of Scott Jaime’s Colorado Trail adventure.

The geniuses over at letsrun discuss JFK50 results and ultra speed (again) and get all twisted up trying to figure out who Zach Miller is.



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