Daily News, Tue, Nov 5

Turns out, running is actually good for your heart.

Did you know that if you complete the Sonoran Desert 200, you get a custom beer growler? Hello!

How to avoid a bear attack.

Western States makes room for elites from the Ultra-Trail World Tour.  Seems reasonable to me.

Speaking of Western States, I spoke with an equestrian who was on the trail post-American  Fire, and apparently there are no trees at all going up to Devil’s Thumb.  If you’re planning on running in ’14, ya better train on very hot and exposed climbs.  According to them, we should be realistic and prepare for alternate sections next year.

Overall time of ten-time WS finishers, courtesy of realendurance.com

…and more about WS100, Gary Wang from realendurance put together this list of the overall times from 10-time finishers.

This looks like my type of event: Up and down a runnable hill for 48 hours.

What shoes did the first 100 elites wear at the NYC Marathon?  And notice how many are heel strikers.

Want to see Kilian skiing with his buddies?

This is going to be a tough record to beat.

Dr. Torrence speaks: Troubleshooting on the run, part three.

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