Daily News, Tue, Oct 1

usl_logo_orange_web_mediumUltrasportslive.tv just relaunched and it’s fresh with ultra-media goodness. Videos, interviews, reports and advice are all to be found on the site, and hey, they sponsor us and help keep our site free! Check em out.

Here’s a fun looking trail race in Surrey, UK.  What caught my eye though is the “canicross” section where runners are encouraged to run with their dogs.  Cool!

Advice from a Facebook post:  “Never mistake Body Glide for your anti-perspirant.” Courtesy of Claudine Martinez.

The Hardrock lottery is open.

Every day for nearly three years, the Beer Runner has run at least one mile and drank at least one craft beer. This Friday, it all comes to an end.  Shameless plug: He interviewed us earlier this year.

Running with buggies!  Now get on the trails with the thing for real fun!  Anyone else (beside me and Tim O) run regularly with a stroller/buggy?

Looking for the URP app? Here it is.

A triumph of the human spirit at Hinson Lake, where a runner unable to compete still earned his buckle.

Unbreakable filmmaker and all-around nice guy JB Benna is somewhere in Tahoe for his attempt at the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail FKT.  Good luck to you and your team…have fun!

Read this: Another massive amount of ultra trail advice from Ian Torrence.  We had our interview with him transcribed here. Any interest in having this done for other podcasts?

Aussie trail running inspiration Pat Farmer is a great ambassador for the sport.

Sweaty Emily took her first DNF pretty hard.

Scotty reviews the Salomon FellCross2 here. Expect my comparison between that shoe and the Icebug later today.

List-o-rama! The ten worst food and drinks for athletes.





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