Daily News, Tue, Oct 14

The world’s toughest list.

This sounds like an awesome format. Twenty one mile trail race with decent vert, and the back half of the field gets cut every six miles. Giddy up!

It’s 90 in California, and snowy on the trails in Glacier Peak Wilderness in Washington.

I didn’t realize what a great race Le Grizz is for first timers. 27 first timers and 26 finished.

We give a sneak peek and review the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30.  If you’re into fastpacking but just can’t seem to get your gear to fit, this may be the pack for you. Release date: Jan ’15.

Yvette Joy Liebesman volunteered for the Rock n Roll Marathon and now want to get paid, so she’s filed a class action suit.  Ugh.

This fancy beer foamer will not be available on URP any time soon.

Anton’s had a fun few weeks in Colorado.

…and a new short film about Anton you’re gonna want to watch.

I think a spring running trip to Big Sur is in order.

More about Sarah’s time at Grand to Grand with some killer pictures.  This really does look like a lot of fun (and hard work.)

This guy is a competitive eater and ultrarunner. I’d love to see him at an aid station.

One of my favorite (and most elusive) wild animals out there. This hiker snapped a rare pic in Washington.

…speaking of wild animals, this poor dude got attacked by a grizzly, then shot by his hunting partner.

Science: Science?

Qualities of a skilled ultramarathon coach.  I’m always shocked at the amount of people who are coached, as it’s something I’ve never considered.

Matt Flaherty’s report from Patagonia.

Why are Americans so obsessed with extreme fitness?

You're awfully quiet back there. Anything to say?