Daily News, Tue, Oct 15

Bronco Billy’s Run Rabbit Run race report.

I guess I haven’t watched pro MTB in awhile, because HOLY CRAP, check out what they’re doing!

These whatisultra GIFs are hilarious. Who’s doing them?

We received this letter from a listener in Italy about his first hundred and it was so full of good info, we had to share it.

Sports supplements…now with meth!

Trailrunning and creativity. In other news, iRunFar has interns? We need interns too!

Is it possible to race yourself into shape? For short races, yes, for longer stuff, no.

Here’s a quickie with Emelie.

We’re interviewing someone big tonight and quite excited about. Expect a new episode very soon. ¬†And hey, if you haven’t joined our URP Strava team, check it out here. Nothing more than a fun way to watch each other’s progress and get a feel for how other people run.


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