Daily News, Tue, Oct 21

Great report from Kelly Agnew where he sets a new unsupported 100mile FKT on the White Rim Trail near Moab.

Trail Runner Film Fest starts today in Boulder. Check out the awesome schedule, and I’ll see some of you in Sacramento in December for rad films and beer.

Using short and hard efforts to increase your endurance. Does it work?

Renegade aid station pops up with beer and cigars in London Ontario. Trail runners amused.

Great advice: How to stay focused after a race.

Man, the Glacial Peak Wilderness is outstanding this time of year. Must. Get. There.

Do you feel guilty about using a pacer?

Same advice I offer to people about their first ultra. Focus on yourself, not about selfies.

Trail running on Mt St Helens.

Does anyone use Shoe Goo to fix their running shoes?

Ten secrets to making you a faster, happier, and stronger ultrarunner.

Ten reasons the 5k is freakin’ awesome.  What and when was the last 5k you did?

NUC, but check it out: Gunther and his wife have been traveling since the late 70s and visited over 200 countries.  I feel horrible sedentary right now.

New study shows direct link between CrossFit and being a female d-bag.  Relax…it’s comedy people!

While we’re at it, let’s complain about cyclists too.

Fun video from the 3×3000 UltraTrail 80k in the Lakes District, UK. Wet and sloppy!

In case ya missed it yesterday, some dude thought it’d be a good idea to rob a running store, then choose a footrace in the woods as his getaway plan. Brilliant!

I’m still learning more about Team RWB, and this podcast helped out a lot.  Who’s gonna be at trail running camp with me next month?

One guy’s take on money in ultras. I’m writing my own opinion on it as we speak.

Auburn, CA (where WS100 finishes) will host UROC next year.  Trail is super funky and twisty on many trails that I didn’t even know existed. Sweet!

He does not like running in the back of the pack.

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