Daily News, Tue, Oct 22

Good stuff: Top three training mistakes.

Ah, there they are. Results for the inaugural Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach 100. Any idea what happened to Ann T?

Thoughts on this?: Six year old sets half marathon record.

Chart of 71 fictitious beers.

What is your biggest running fear? I’m living what this guy is fearing right now. Marathon training is crazy, not always fun, and running this fast for 26.2 without stopping scares the hell out of me. You?

Article about Scott Jurek in The Guardian.

Good report from the Sörmland Ultra in Sweden with nice pics, but the real story is about running with diabetes after a bad infection and how he did a lot of self assessment on the trail.

Nolan’s 14 report.  My guess is that’ll be the hot spot next year. Grand Canyon R2R, Tahoe Rim Trail, and Nolan’s 14.

Quick little story on why not to take health for granted. From the hospital bed to the finish line.

Thorough review of the Garmin Tactix, the latest GPS that seems more fitted for a military attack or Barkley than for simple running.

Ten signs that you need a rest day.

Wyatt is overtrained, burned out, whatever. We’ve all been there.

Scotty’s all geared up to take on Mt Tam in mid-November. Anyone else going to be there?

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