Daily News, Tue, Oct 28

Many of us have dealt with Achilles Tendinopathy–it was the main cause of my lack of racing this year. Here are some ways to deal with it.

If you’re ever planning on making a trek to California’s central coast, bookmark this site. I’ll be there in the Spring for some of these runs. Wow!

Or dangit, maybe I’ll head to Alaska for these killer trails. Great video right this way.

Sarah and I are chatting with this guy tomorrow about coaching, the SkyRunning series, and running in costumes.  We’ll also be chatting with Hal about injuries, training, and life as a dad.

Five great tips to make your training reps more tolerable and effective.

How running in the cold affects your immune system.

Registration for Gorge Waterfalls is open.  Now part of the MUC series, there’ll be some fast dudes and dudettes on the line.  Got the approval from the boss wife, and I’ll be there too. Can’t wait!

NUC: There are shoe geeks, then there are these guys.

Lauren Kleppin sounds like she could be a pretty competitive trail runner. Screaming fast marathon, lives in Mammoth, loves beer…

Are you on the Twitter machine? Follow along with URP here.

Good stuff: Memory bias and ultrarunning. Much like childbirth, right?

Fitbit enters the GPS/HRM world.  Are you brand-specific with your technology, or would you try something new?

Do you have an “off” season? How off is it?

Running and parenting: Having kids is a reason to follow your dreams, not an excuse not to.

So, can the Giants do it?

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