Daily News, Tue, Oct 29

Did you check out our new podcast with Cassie Scallon? She’s had quite a year, huh?

How to grow a wicked running ‘stache.

…where running and hipsters collide…in a very bad way. (link fixed)

It’ll make you think: Karl Marx alienation theories and how running allows us to control destiny.

Good stuff: So Ryan Hall isn’t running NYC…here is an analysis of some of the injuries he may be dealing with and what you can learn from it.

…speaking of big events, here’s a cost breakdown of registration fees.

Sabrina’s 24 hour championship didn’t go as planned.  Here’s our interview with her from a while ago.

Here’s a great post on coping with injury.

…”When I run so hard, it feels almost like I’m dying. That’s when I feel most alive.”

-Running helps unite immigrant groups in NYC.

Imagine running when also dealing with this disease. Recover well!

…or how about being a one legged rock climber.  Or like this guy (h/t TedN.)

What’s your excuse?

Not a lot of MUT news in the world today. What’d I miss?

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