Daily News, Tue, Oct 7

Very cool piece on everyone’s favorite funny redhead: The Ginger Runner.

This is what it’s like to wear smart spandex during a workout.

Some good advice for completing a hundred.

Are you a trail snob? 

Interesting: Exercise isn’t tied to weekly mileage.

A runner died during this weekend’s popular Rock/Creek Stump Jump 50k in Tennessee.

Gorge Cap

Have you checked out our new sponsor Territory Run Company? That’s a sweet hat!

Check out the pics and stories in this section too.  I wondered where Phil Kochik was!

Aren’t we trying to fight obesity in this country? Then why tax those improving themselves?

Iconic images of the 21st Century, and it’s pretty neat that running is the heaviest represented sport by a lot. I’d never seen that pic of the Chinese marathoner with no hands. Wow!

Meet Amanda, a runner from the midwest who loves the trails.

Cool video that shows more the Montana trail scene with Foote, Wolfe, Swanson, and crew.

This is definitely a situation where women have it easier.

Hooray! The King’s Fire is contained and the Western States trail is back open.

This is what a fell race looks like in the Lakes District.

That looks like a fun shoe. Anyone tried it?

I’m completely confused by this story.  What I know is that it’s a tough ultra course at extreme altitude in the Himalayas. But it was won by a hybrid yak/cow? Huh?

Dude, learn to wake up on time.

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