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The lunacy has started: Runner fined $100 for running by park Ranger…which was closed because no one could work there…huh?

Lauren Fleshman: Runners turn catwalk divas for a day.

As winter approaches, here are some good tips for reclaiming your motivation.  For me, if I’m signed up for a race, I’m motivated.  What works for you?

The Ned Kelly Chase 100k in Australia has runners starting at all different times, in hopes that everyone will finish at about the same time in the afternoon.  Hey enterprising RDs in the US!, do that here. Sounds awesome!

Some advice on technical trail running.

Zola Budd, the original barefoot track runner made famous by her collision with Mary Decker in  the 1984 Olympics, has been concentrating on marathons and ultras recently.  She showed up to a collegiate invitational this past weekend and crushed the competition by almost a minute in the 5k.  Sorry barefoot people, she was shod this time.

How to treat and prevent overtraining syndrome.

The North Face Championship is approaching in early December and there are some grumblings about the race direction: Runners hoping they fixed the major course direction issues from last year and, since this is billed as the championship, accommodating elite runners.  I had a great time last year, but I remember a lot of others having major issues. Hope the RD (and the weather!) works things out.

Gotta give a shout-out to my mom. My folks are traveling through France right now and found

That's her on the right.
That’s her on the right.

a race (mixed terrain half marathon) in Provence.  They entered, she age grouped, and won a bunch of wine and apparently a pumpkin. Nice job Mom!

Tempo running for ultrarunners.

Results from the Western States fire from this summer. My guess is that it won’t be the “regular” course in 2014.

Eight tips for running your first alpine race.

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