Daily News, Tue, Sep 2

This 60yo Kiwi started running yesterday and is hoping to break the trans-America record. Good luck!

Interesting: The evolutionary biologist from Born to Run talks about the book and movement, ten years later.

A woman’s running pioneer passed away last week in Colorado.  I didn’t recognize her name, but wow, what an impact she had.

US Military recruits may start wearing shoes based off the NB Leadville.  Military folks: Is this a good idea?

This week in science: Low carb: Good!  Everything else: Bad!

This week in science: Eat healthy: Good! Diet cults: Bad!

I’d rather take this advice from a 103yo Japanese dude who wants to throw down with Usain Bolt: 

“When I eat, I chew each mouthful 30 times before swallowing,” he added…”That makes my tummy happy and helps my running. And I eat my tangerine jam every day.”

Good stuff: The best advice from the gurus of running.

If you’re feeling lazy, reading Jean’s workouts from last week will just make you feel worse.

Some ultrarunning essentials for less than $25. I’m compiling my own list for release soon.

Looks like Speedgoat Karl has abandoned his AT attempt. Any word what happened?

A 99-pack of beer?

And America’s taste in beer…in five maps.

Big congrats to Francoise d’Haene and Rory Bosio for their big wins at UTMB this weekend. And Schlarb for fourth! Nice! One major complaint: For a race so big, the website, tracking, and results pages are awful.

It’s perfectly acceptable to list “back to back UTMB champ” as a quality I’d like in a wife, right?

Ed Ayres has had a streak to envy. Wow!

So wait, instead of wearing this silly altitude mask, I should just be huffing xenon and argon?

BIG HUGE THANKS to my guest editors from last week: Paul, Luke, Dana, George, Maj, and Emily.  You all allowed me to enjoy a nice vacation with my family and even get some solo trails in, and I appreciate the heck out of it. Thank You.

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