Daily News, Tue, Sep 9

The rules of running drunk. Now you know.

Listener Jyri had a beer mile last weekend in Finland (talk about competition…10 Fins and 1 Aussie!) in the pouring freakin’ rain and here’s the video.

If you missed our interview with Jason Schlarb, check out his UTMB race report here.

…and something Jason is big on…rest and recovery! Here’s Joe’s post on how to do it right.

Mountain Lion tries to snag a kid hiking in Silicon Valley. Yikes!

Feel like carrying your hydration bottles on your back as well? I was skeptical too. Here’s our review of the new Orange Mud Hydra Quiver.

According to this article, Badwater will permanently follow the altered course from this year’s race.

Well, dammit, Kara Goucher is on Strava now too.  Now I’m we’re getting virtually chicked too.

Paul Hamilton has been running MUT races less than two years, and now he’s on TheNorthFace team. 

The best trail pics of all time from last week.

UnderArmour is beating Adidas (but well behind Nike) in many segments of the sports apparel world. Anyone wear their stuff for running? h/t Stu

Pretty good advice on stroller running. I’d also add: Get run-flat tubes for the wheels, start the kids young so they’re used to it, and pay good money for a nice stroller.

It’s a funky translation, but Francesca Canepa (who was leading Tor des Geants) has been DQed for missing a check-in at an aid station amidst accusations she hitched a ride with part of her crew. Our conversation on Facebook about this revealed this may not be the first time she’s done this…

If you’re caught using steroids, you should be banned for life. Here’s another reason why.

I was curious if the Napa earthquake a few weeks ago damaged any Sonoma Cty breweries.  They’re all safe.

DNF vs DNS vs Trying to Kill Yourself: A case study.

Here’s Gavin McKenzie’s Nolan’s 14 report. I interviewed his partner Brandon a few days ago and will release the interview tomorrow.

Yikes, the NorthEast lost an MUT stud on a trail run this weekend. Thirty nine years old?

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