Daily News, Tue, Sept 16

Five steps to becoming a kick ass ultramarathon pacer.

Sounds like Ellie was humbled and impressed by The Rut. Great report and pics.

Here’s a short list I put together of things I use when I’m not actually running. They’re great for organization, hydration, and recovery.

Robot pants will make you run faster.

John Burton’s Tahoe200 race report. Funny stuff as always.

Alright, treading lightly here…with all due respect to the girl, and a ton of respect for her desire to participate …but you’ve got to be able to run to compete in XC.

Quickie with Amber Monforte, new FKT holder of the TRT.

Luke chose Plain as his first hundred. No aid stations, no course markings, limited help. How’d he do? Find out here.

Are races being replaced with FKT attempts?

Why do people blog/write about running? 

Is $12k really the largest trail ultra award ever?

Cascadia Crest report from 4th place finisher Andy Reed, complete with baby baby food, Hooters, and some sage advice about keeping the pace easy.

Do you have an ultra dog? Mine’s good for 2 miles max.

If you’re sitting in your office and yearning to get outdoors, check out this video for a little respite.

Just because someone happens to be the first person to cross the line doesn’t really mean they won. If I’m the first person to come into the office in the morning, did I “win”? Ultras are about the same thing.

-If you’ve got the stomach for it, the idiocy that is the letsrun message boards is erupting once again at how weak elite ultra runners are.


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