Daily News, Tue, Sept 23

Whew! Adam Chase pulls back the blinds to the inner workings of UTMB. 

How to tell a trail runner from a hipster.

Here’s a pretty good map of where the Kings Fire is raging currently. 18% containment, and Tues forecast looks like reduced humidity, higher heat, and increased wind.  For those not familiar with the area, it’s uncomfortably close to the Duncan Canyon area of Western States. Compare the fire map to this one.

Here are some of the results from the “runner friendly” Barkley Fall Classic.

SNL_0808_Coffee_Talk_ESTCoffee talk with Anton.

Marathon runners make better CEOs, so ultrarunners must make…bosses who take every other Friday off, limp on Mondays, and steal food from the fridge?

A first-time-hundred report from Run Rabbit Run with a ton of great pics.

More great writing from Jill in the Alps.

How do you go from a nice 100 miler in Vermont to this? What the hell?

Spartathlon is staring in a few days. Here’s all the info you need.

Hey New Jersey runners: Beware of the bears.

After yesterday’s discussion about “championship events”, I invited Tim Tollefson on the show. I will be interviewing him this morning and releasing the podcast later today. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Flagline, here’s a fun report from the race from Sam Robinson that brings up the question of how often MUT runners use port-a-johns.

This is a pretty cool way for companies like GU and Strava to contribute to causes. Good on ’em.

Would you wear a racing jersey from your college alma mater?

Billy Mills has arguably the greatest 10k finish story in modern Olympic history.  Here’s an in-depth interview with him.

Site news:

There seems to be a problem with URP showing up on iTunes. Here’s the direct link, but apparently certain podcast aggregators and lists aren’t loading. I’m working on it. Thanks for your patience.

Beer koozies are sold out until next Spring when the koozie trees start to bloom again.

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