Daily News, Tues, Apr 1

Top ten dog breeds for trail runners.  I’ve got a Standard Poodle and he’s good for a whopping mile and a half. (Supposed to be such a smart breed? Ha! Then why can’t he learn to pace his damn self?)

Good piece by Joe about the importance of elite runners giving back.

That's Robert Root in the middle. He's still missing.
That’s Robert Root in the middle. He’s still missing.

A group of runners were on the Western States trail around Michigan Bluff on Sunday. They split into two groups and apparently each thought that Robert was with the other. He’s still missing as of this morning and it’s been cold and rainy all night.  

Here’s a suggested packing list for running the trails.  Admittedly, I don’t carry most of that.

Camelbak releases closed-loop hydration system. Check the date, people.

I attempt to argue that parents have an advantage when it comes to running ultras.

Yesterday, Jared Campbell became the second person to finish the Barkley Marathon twice. Nice work!

Funny video on “How to be an Ultrarunner.”

Apparently we’re supposed to watch the “interplay between light and day” and whatnot, but whenever I see nature movies like this, my eyes search frantically for trails. You?

Video: What to do with a frozen river in Vermont.

Apparently I missed the controversy about “attractive female adventurers.” I’m still not sure I understand what it’s all about.

Can you replace energy gels with caffeine pills?  Both play a role in my drop bag.

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