Daily News, Tues, Apr 30

Check out our new podcast with Maggie Akyüz, a NY native who just ran her first hundo. She just started running two years ago and is attacking her bucket list in a very unconventional way.

Read this: A market-based solution to drugs in sport.  What if company X started publicly testing  its athletes? Company B would likely follow…Thoughts?

Gary Gellin’s Lake Sonoma race report, with additional comments regarding racing potential and what we’ll likely see in the future.

Is your injury caused by pace or distance?

NUC: One in six cyclists are invisible to drivers (especially 20-29 yo women!)

Good race report from the Traprock 50k in Connecticut where the course is technical and the urine is bloody. I’ve peed dark brown before, but have managed to avoid the blood. Anyone done any damage?

Can African cyclists follow in the footsteps of the continent’s runners?

Don’t blame your body if you tire out.

Wow, awesome 8 min video on fell running.

How does stress affect your running? Good post here by Stephanie Howe.

How to tell the difference between uncomfortable and injured.  Ahh, the big question…

The art of peaking for a race.

Lizzy Hawker is starting another 227k race today in Nepal. Beast!



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