Daily News, Tues, Aug 13

What did Sage Canaday learn about mountain racing in Europe? Here’s Ian Corless’ summary from Sierra Zinal.

Fourteen time Hardrock finisher John DeWalt passed away a few days ago at age 77. Here’s his heroic 2009 finish that’ll leave you shaking your head. The dude had grit.

I wear flip flops year round. Is it hurting my running?

Want to know what the heck I was doing for the past two weeks. Here’s where I ramble on about visiting and running to a leper colony in Molokai.

Because we as a group are good at dealing with discomfort in our running, does it translate over to coping with discomfort in the rest of our lives?

The benefits of running backwards.

For the North East crowd: Where to run far this fall.

Five questions with Nick Clark.

Mo Farah was denied access to his physio after another killer 10k, but the story doesn’t really indicate why he wasn’t allowed back in. Am I missing something?

Outside Magazine’s best places to live in America.

This guy lost his limbs in an electrical accident, yet still sets records for endurance swimming. Now some asshat stole his custom wheelchair. UPDATE: The chair has been found!

This weekend there’s a 160k ultra that follows the former Berlin Wall.  Very cool.

Does weight loss affect performance? I know that I’m best between 161-164, a very small window. More than that and I’m sluggish, less than that, and I feel week.

Is endurance training bad for your heart? Huh?


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