Daily News, Tues, Aug 6

Cyclist gets leg cramps right in the middle of interview and totally freaks out. h/t to Michael J.

Christopher McDougall has a new book coming out that investigates common exercise myths and promotes the natural movement trend. Sounds like CrossFitters will like this book. We interviewed Christopher a few years ago about Born to Runhere it is.

And here’s a Q&A with David Epstein, author of Sports Gene. I’m reading it right now for review and it’s a fantastic study on what makes some athletes great while others work harder but never succeed. We hope to have him on the show.

My poor abused stomach spat the dummy and started to cramp. I jogged, I ultra shuffled, I walked. I gave the man now right behind space to pass…

Ruby Muir’s Speedgoat race report. Something tells me Karl reads this report with a big ol grin on his face.

Ultrarunners have longer Teoemores. Ooooh yeah! h/t to Melissa B.

Twenty five great snacks for runners.

PEDs: This elite track athlete argues that getting wrapped up in PEDs is not an accident–it’s a conscious decision.

Another good argument for eating “mostly good, most of the time” and avoiding 100% diets.

For you maximalists out there, here are five shoes for ya.

I’m still in Hawaii on vacation. Home in a few days and things well get back to normal.

Endurance swimming is really cool, but this just seems lame.

This guy just ran a blazing fast 6:40:14 100k in Stockholm…and it was his first time at that distance. Wow!

So now we’ve got obstacle courses, mud runs, color runs, and now bull runs?


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