Daily News, Tues, Feb 11

Yes, yes, and yes.  The Placebo Response in running.  All those silly gadgets do work…just indirectly.

Does finding the key to longevity interest you? Here’s a great article about an inspirational 94yo track and field athlete who may have the answer.

Good profile of Sim Jae-Duk.

Proof that crash training doesn’t work.

World class runners share their secrets to success.

Alright, another reason to love Canada. Superior Olympic coverage and now passport-activated beer machines.

Interesting analysis on the effectiveness of negative splits.

Video: Tim Olson accepting the ROY award at Endurance Nation award ceremony.

…and here’s his report from the Sean O’Brien 50. Seems his priorities are in the right place.

…and what a first-timer learned from the race. Good stuff.

Cool map that shows popular running routes in cities.

Whatya doing this summer? How about a 246k trail run across Sweden that ends in a small 15th century university city?

Running with, and after, the flu.

Samantha Gash and Marvelous Mimi getting ready for a 1400 mile trek across South Africa.

Gotta cut this short and get back to finding, uploading, formatting, and publishing a few thousand more pics from our site crash. Uuuuugh.  Thanks for sticking with us through this.

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