Daily News Tues, Feb 12

Check out Joe Grant’s gear list for the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Ho-ly crap.

Five questions with Bernard Lagat.

The IOC will drop one event from the Summer Olympics today. Guess which one and win a URP sticker (enter below.)  In Sept, they’ll vote which new event to add. No, MUT running is not listed, but wakeboarding is. Huh?

What’s the steepest climb in your neck of the woods?

“I’m down for drinks, laughs, and sex”…words you don’t want to hear from your college XC coach.

NUC: Here’s a short film about a guy who built a cabin in Alaska by hand and lived there totally self-sufficiently for thirty years.

This guy nails it. The ambitions–and realities–of outdoor endurance sports.

Lessons learned from her first week of spin class.  Great workout.

Does anyone else think open-water swimmers are crazy?  Regardless, here’s some cool footage taken from a GO-PRO attached to a quadcopter.

Looks like Inov-8 is back in the trailrunning scene. Can’t wait to see more!

Here’s the event Mike Morton will be running this weekend…24 hours in the damn sand. My calves are sore just typing that.

Best gluten-free foods for long distance runners.

Well, duh. Beer plus running makes you creative.

I realize this is a biased article, but if it’s true even just a little bit it’s awful news for our health.

This guy loves/loved the Brooks Green Silence as much as me and believes he’s found a solid replacement. I’m still searching.

Alright, 51 seconds is a sloooow 100m dash, but when the runner is 97 years old, it’s still awesome.






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