Daily News, Tues, Feb 26

Smiling improves your health and can even make you a better runner. Didn’t Krissy Moehl tell us this already?

She’s a world class orienteerer (is that a word?), a 2:40 marathoner, and now she’s getting into ultras. Meet Hanny Alston.

Here’s the leaderboard for the (totally insane) Iditarod Trail Invitational. Joe Grant is currently in third.

…and here are a bunch of pics from the event.

This dude is all sorts of pissed off that another runner called him a “corporate runner” and his anger drove him to a 2:08 marathon. He missed automatic qualifying standards by 1 sec with that time, which probably really made him angry.

How Everest has changed over 50 years, by Jim Whitaker.

Redwood trails
Redwood trails. Photo Leor Pantilat.

If you happen to be in the extreme northwest corner of California, Leor has some trail advice. No crowds, huge coastal redwoods, canyons strewn with ferns? Yes, please.

How much sugar should your sports drink contain?

This Brit is super competitive and is about to run around the world. Pace yourself, bro.

Good read: The five most valuable life lessons Matt has learned in a month of living on purpose.

Three great strategies for racing (written for the roads, but easily applicable to trails) that includes chasing people with cute butts.

The ten most anticipated minimalist trail running shoes of 2013.

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