Daily News Tues, Jan 15

How paleo works. The chart makes it look easy…and boring.

Check out Leor’s latest snowshoe adventure.

Speaking of fast, if you want to be a faster ultrarunner, read this.

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Blah, blahblah, blah, barf. I’ll post it again.–>

In addition to my predictions from yesterday, I also think coaching programs like this will gain in popularity.  Every other sport has coaches, right? Why not us?

Did ya see this great NatGeo video on Simon Mtuy?

Want to race for 367 miles across North Carolina? Hey, you get a beverage of your choice at the finish line.

Could a weight loss fad diet handle the dietary requirements of a runner?

Quick get-to-know-ya with an Irish ultra stud.

UROC is open for registration. You in?

Part 2: Training tips for an ultra.

Serious stuff: Do you know how to save a life?

Avoid the beer gut, not the beer.

Sabrina Moran’s Bandera 100k race report.

Check out how calmly he writes these few grafs, as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to be discussing.

Training insights from star athletes.

Adam Campbell and Ellie Greenwood named CUROYs. Something tells me Scotland wants to lay more claim to her.

This poor guy goes out for a run on his local trail and all hell breaks loose.

Here’s the entrants list for HURT this weekend.

New shoe trends for 2013.  They forgot to mention trails, but I’m still interested. Anyone ever worn Karhus? Me neither.

The World Mountain Running Association gathered to discuss meetings, races, meetings, meetings, etc., but they also spent a day trying to hammer out a definition of “mountain running.” That would be an interesting discussion to hear and I’m anxious to read the definition when it is published.

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