Daily News, Tues, Jan 21

Picking the right crew for your ultra.

Didya hear our new podcast with #2 female at HURT, Tahoe200 RD, and yoga nut Candice Burt? It seems that Scotty and I have some added responsibilities this summer.

How to manage lactose intolerance as a runner.

And if that doesn’t work…How do you poop on the trail? Loopnpoop!

Another cool product: Inflatable snow shoes. Probably not great for long runs, but definitely a reassuring item to toss in your pack.

Wait, did you say chocolate milk beer for recovery?

Leg speed: Sage Canaday just ran a 2:22 marathon in Southern California this weekend. (BETTER LINK)

We gave two very different runners a pair of Altra Lone Peak 1.5s to try out.  Here’s what they thought.

List-o-rama! Six areas runners neglect…including feet, social lives, and other hobbies.

…and six diet tweaks to avoid bonking.

Thank you, science, for confirming that running or walking on trails during lunch will reduce stress.

And for some actually interesting science: Altitude affects running differently than cycling.

Got ITBS? Read this.

Here are some pics and words from Jill’s running and riding this past week in this amazing weather we’re experiencing. Great point though about racing the same course repeatedly. Do you do better if you’ve run it before?

…and some hilarious new whatisultra gifs.

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