Daily News, Tues, Jan 29

So how the hell exactly do you prepare for a hundo across the frozen arctic? Spaff explains.

Scotty and I somehow ended up in Draft Magazine.

Monkey-450x238If you’re running in India in the early morning, here’s a primer on not getting stabbed, mugged, or attacked by monkeys.

Must read: Twelve ways to do beer better.

How past injuries can affect a runner’s gait.

The secret style of the adventure racer.

Here’s a great video on Ultra Trail Mt.. Fuji. Yep, better add that to my bucket list.

The case for (ultra) speed work, by Pam Smith.

Ten tips for making a living out of expeditions.

Here’s a gear review on the HOKA Bondi B¬†from the guys (and gals) at Ultra168.

Four ways to use the principles of Feng Shui to be a better runner.

Here’s a great video from the Deception 50k in the Pacific NW. Makes ya want to get on the trails right now, doesn’t it?

For anyone in the midwest of East Coast, you might want to avoid clicking this. Here are some shots from Leor’s trip to Mendocino County this weekend. Great trails, great weather, and (though he didn’t mention it), fantastic beer.


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