Daily News, Tues, Jan 7

Gotta keep this short. Some weirdo flashed me this morning on my run and I’m dealing with a police report…What a way to start a day, shining my headlamp on a bum’s wiener at 4:30 in the morning.

Did ya hear our new podcast with the Arrogant Bastard himself, Frank Bozanich? Fresh off another win, Frank has now won an ultra outright in five different decades, and he’s the most recent inductee to the Ultrarunning Hall of Fame.

Do you have to use any of this gear on your runs?  We’re still seeing 60 deg days in California! Yahoo!

I can’t tell if this North Korean Marathon is real or not. Anyone?

Footfeathers’ Leadville buckle is still for sale (one day left!)

Yet again…As people are afraid of East African runners, the Japanese are the ones to watch. Here’s why.

The 100 most influential people in health and fitness. I stopped reading after the top ten.

How to get fast and strong: Great trail advice from Ian Torrence.

Interesting: What retailers are saying about running shoe trends.

Pretty good resolutions for 2014.

If you’ve got DropBox, check this out: Ultrarunning Magazine from 1981. Has the sport changed much?

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