Daily News, Tues, July 16

Good read and beautiful pics: Candice’s pacing report from Hardrock.

I’ve discovered Anton’s secret and ladies, you’re gonna have a tough time with this one.

Thinking about going gluten-free? Here’s a good primer on it.

Mike Wardian just set an indoor 50k world record with a blistering 3:12:13.

Everything you needed to know about energy gels. What’s in ’em, how to make ’em, etc.

Matt Trappe’s awesome Hardrock photo gallery.

The Badwater runners caught a break yesterday, with temps staying below 110deg.  Oswaldo Lopez and some Portugese fella are duking it out for first with a Brazillian not too far behind.  Good photo gallery here.

…meanwhile, the Irish are complaining about the “oppressive” 86deg heat they’re battling. Ha!

It seems like arch height in a shoe used to really matter. “This shoe is for high arches, this one for lower arches, etc.” Now I don’t hear about arches anymore, even in thorough shoe reviews.  Apparently, we should be paying attention.

The comic all the cool kids are talking about: The terrible and wonderful reasons I run long distances.

I agree with the sentiments in this post. I like the sport of running because of the race factor…A bunch of people line up and go for it, trying to beat each other. Some of these new shenanigans and trials are boring and I’m thankful that MUT running hasn’t gone that way.

How to use crossfit to become a better runner.

Haha: Ten bad habits of runners that we really need to break.

Want to see what music Tim Olson was listening to during his WS run and what gear he used?  Curiously absent is the mention of footwear.

NUC: How to get drunk in Antarctica. Club 90 South sounds pretty cool!

Seven ways to support your significant other’s interest in running.

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