Daily News, Tues, July 2

Here’s the corresponding report to go along with the moving picture from yesterday: Jacob Rydman’s breakdown and DNF at WS100.  He was prepared, supported, trained, and ready, and  the Bird just wouldn’t let him be.

Read this: How to adapt to a racing situation…by Ian Torrence.

Seems there’s some chatter about Tim Olson not wearing his sponsor’s shoes at WS100. He wore shoes from his old sponsor, Pearl Izumi, but TheNorthFace (his current sponsor) really doesn’t specialize in shoes, so it’s partially excusable.  Thoughts?

The ultrapedestrian is putting together sort of an organized FKT event on some incredible trails with some gnarly climbs in the PacNW.  Neat idea! If you’re in the area, check it out.

Here’s a calculation for not spending too much on a race, though the author seems to find fault with the RD earning a profit.  I don’t have a problem with someone getting a return for their work.  Thoughts?

The price we pay for eating highly processed carbs. Ugh.

The most common running injuries in men.

Speaking of that, HELP! It’s been two weeks now of no running. I jammed my ankle on a night run and now the pain on the “top/inside” part of my ankle is giving me issues.  I ran 3 miles last weekend and it hurt the whole way. Any advice? To make it worse, I just got a new pair of Salomons to try out and I can’t use them!

As the TdF picks up speed, Lance is still acting like a petulant child.

Glenn Tachiyama’s pics from WS.

Video: You’ve heard about the river crossing at WS, but have you ever actually watched the front pack come through?

The NYT covers Badwater.  And what did I learn today? Apparently there are golf-equivalents of heat runners.

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