Daily News, Tues, July 22

Interesting: What happens when a big corporation buys the local running store?

This is what a normal week of workouts look like when you’re aiming to break the 100 mile record in a couple of weeks.  They’re all faster than my race pace.

Here’s my review of the Ultraspire Quantum minimal gear belt.

What’s it like when your runner is racing a hundred?

Mental training: Four things to do before race day.

Quick review of the Vermont 100 with pics. I’ll be speaking with winner Brian Rusiecki later this IMG_0516week for an interview.

URP beer koozies and stickers sill available if you’d like to help out the site.  Thanks!

Badwater updates right this way, but it looks like Harvey Lewis has got it.

Learn it. Know it. Live it:  Ian’s Wilderness Etiquette for Trail Runners.

Great stories from Hardrock, including this gem: At one point, a pile of rocks appeared like a sheet of paper printed with the image of a Buddha statue..

More on Emelie and Kilian’s Tromsø Skyrace in Norway. Sounds awesome.

Hey industry folks…if you’re planning on being at OR next month and want to meet up, shoot me an email. 

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