Daily News, Tues, July 23

If you’re able to convince your family that running HURT in Hawaii in January is a good idea, registration is now open.

Good stuff: The rules of my expeditions.

Ian Sharman’s second stage of the Grand Slam. Geez, I didn’t realize he’d just paced at Badwater 4 days before VT100!

Six myths about hiking/running in the heat.

I didn’t realize there was an ultra in every state. This guy’s going to run one in each.

Did you see the results of our poll question yesterday. I’m surprised more people don’t like out and backs.  I like point to point and do well at them, but the lazy person in me sees logistical nightmares having to drop cars, use shuttles, etc…

Starting next Monday, I’ll be in Hawaii for two weeks. I should probably get more familiar with the do’s and don’t of running on the beach, but the island we’ll be on is mainly red rock and jungle trails. Oh yeah!

Good piece on Sabrina Little. Here’s our interview with her from two years ago.

Have you ever cheated in a race?  I’ll admit, on swithback portions, I’ll think to myself “it’s only a couple of feet, and who cares…I’m not going to win…” but then I decide not to do it and keep running.

If you heard our interview with George Zack, you know what a big deal it is that Burro Days is this weekend.

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