Daily News, Tues, July 8

Awesome: Anton’s Hardrock preview.

Speaking of TK, here’s a great video from the Lavaredo Trail Ultra.

Also this weekend is the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run in Vancouver Canada. Watch this video, then try to resist the urge to sign up.

Do you fall a lot on the trail? Read this.

Some funny new whatisultra GIFs.

And another mud run series takes a DNF.

NUC: Great mountain rescue…but how the hell did that guy get up there???  Anybody know this range?

Ann T talks about prize money in races.

Interesting: Outcome goals vs process goals.

 Karl’s Hardrock odds.

Western States 2014 - Stephanie DeveauWarrior Mode: Yassine’s WS race report.

Alright, who’s mom wrote this?

In case you need some quick inspiration...here’s a video of Kilian on some incredible mountain runs.

Fifteen lessons learned while running 100 miles around a track.

…speaking of running around a track, later today I’m chatting with the holder of the 100 mile American Record, Zach Bitter.

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