Daily News, Tues, June 11

Can’t tell if this is a joke or not, but here’s a way to “juice” your Strava times.

How to run when you just don’t want to.

Here’s a quick interview with Sage Canaday where he discusses his insane Mt. Washington record, running for rent money, and the anti-inflamation properties of hops.  Here’s our podcast with him.

Just a whole lot of great mental racing info from Olive Oil Joe.  I’ll be saving this.

Have you heard of the Ultimate Mountain Challenge in Vail? Sounds tough!  Here’s a Q&A with the top contender.

Snakebite first aid on the trails.  My good friend lost his arm to a rattler while he was on a run, so while it’s rare, they will get ya.

New study finds it impossible to lose weight. Ha.

Which sin is envy? That’s the one I feel towards Jason Schlarb and his friends right now.

For those eco-conscious runners, here’s a new option for purchasing and discarding your running shoes.

For those folks with wicked cramping problems…I give you…pickle juice popsicles!

A runner’s guide to toenail injuries. And, of course…here’s what happens when you don’t follow the rules.

Great race report from Jill. She had a tough time, but she made it!

Here’s our smartphone app again.


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