Daily News, Tues, June 18

The Sri Chimnoy 3,100 mile race is on day three.  The leaders ran about 70 miles yesterday and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.  Daily results here.

Ah, he’ll turn around.  Sounds like a college student swearing off booze after a rough night.

Speaking of college…what happens to your workout after an all nighter.

Robbie Britton set out to run the UK’s South Downs 100 (ironically sponsored by Petzl) with no headlamp.  Here’s his report. (Link fixed)

To the anonymous person who sent me the Bryce Canyon license plate frame…thank you!

Why the best are the best and how you can emulate them.

Running during pregnancy. Did you do it? For how long?  I just met a guy on the trail on Sunday whose wife was 38 weeks and running six miles. Respect, mama!

Western States women’s preview.

Check out our sponsors The Range of Motion for coaching tips and programs.  They help support us and are definitely worth a look.  Thanks.

Station Note:

-We’ve got URP >26.2 beer koozies again! Stop by our donation aid station if you’d like to keep koozieyour water bottle or beer extra cold this summer.  Big huge thanks to those who help support the site.

-Daily News will be late tomorrow. I’m heading out on a night run tonight and will need some sleep.



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