Daily News, Tues, June 25

Have a buckle but not an appropriate belt? We highlighted these folks last year but they’re worth another look.

Ultramarathon runners: Nature or nurture? Or let’s not discount the third option…getting dropped on yer head?

Gotta watch this: Elementary school teacher snags a 4th place at USATF finals in the 1500. His 55 second interview will kick start your inspiration for the day.

Does short bursts of high-intensity training to it for ya? The rise of the minimalist workout.

“You don’t have to be a fast runner, but you better be tough and looking for a unique adventure.”

That coming from the Vietnam Mountain (ultra)Marathon info page. Sounds awesome!

This new shoe by Adidas is…strange. Springs? Blades?

Nick Clark is ready to run in the heat. And sorry to jinx him, but he’s my pick to win on Saturday.

The beginners guide to Strava. I’m on it and love it, but one major question: I run my kids to preschool every day, stop to sign them in, chat for a few minutes, then run home. Am I supposed to “pause” the run or not? Neither method seems to work and I end up with 19 minute miles screwing up my averages. Help?

The runblogger asks if the minimalism trend is over.


Some sweet trail porn from Leor’s recent trip to Big Sur.

Good piece from Lizzy Hawker. Yeah, she’s injured and not running, but she’s spending all her time practicing yoga in Nepal. I’ve got a tweaky ankle and I’m sitting in Sacramento with a 3 year old yelling at me and toddler with a snotty nose.

Another good read: One night as a pacer.

There’s no little blue pill for the mind! How to train your brain for your next race.

Tony K waved the white flag on this Nolan’s 14 attempt. Anxious to hear more.

Is your running fueled by fear or pleasure?

Our Guests Favorite Beer and Bumper Music lists are now current. Dang that’s a lot of interviews!



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