Daily News, Tues, Mar 19

Good stuff:The rise of the footwear-sponsored ultra teams.

A quick interview with Max “Woodpecker” Ferguson. It’s been quite a year so far and his trajectory is looking good.

Iron Maiden: Brewers?

Some great pictures of a very, very cold looking fell in England.

How does endurance training affect your thyroid?  The Sweat Science guy is on the case.

Hmmm, though the idea is valiant, the act may backfire.

If you watched the LA Marathon on Sunday, you saw Aleksandra’s Duliba’s awesome race. Did you notice her last mile split was faster than that of the guy who won? Respect.

NUC but funny: Social media as people.

Helly Hansen (maker of my favorite jacket) launches their first trail shoe. First thought are it looks like a colorful Salomon shoe from the late aughts with an extra bit of tech babble thrown in.

It’s been about a year since Caballo Blanco’s death. This writer/runner went down to the Copper Canyon for the race last week and this is what she saw.

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