Daily News, Tues Mar 26

The long run: How long is long enough?

The Speedgoat wins his 35th hundo. He’s also taking on the WS100/Hardrock double this summer in a record attempt…don’t count him out!

Can you run through chemo?…and how to run around your menstrual cycle.

Did you see our review of the Montrail FluidFlex? I want these shoes!

This unique track meet in Oz sounds interesting. Uphill, weird distances, handicapping the entrants, wagering, and Budgie Smugglers.

How to sprint without sloshing and trot without the trots.

Chris DNFed at Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 this weekend, but he got some incredible pictures of the trail.

Our brand spankin’ new podcast is out! We talk with Lake Sonoma 50 RD (and Ultrarunning Magazine Publisher) Tropical John Medinger and PNW superstar Yassine Diboun about coaching, publishing, and racing against the best in the world. Yeah, and beer.

Sage Canaday’s video diary from New Zealand. We’ll have Sage on later this week to talk about life, training, and his upcoming races. Any specific questions for him?Steve-Prefontaine-Oregon

This study (analyzed by the Sweat Science Guy) brings up a lot of questions. What would my EEG results look like on race day? Frustrated? Excited? Peaceful? Is it possible to be all of those–a lot–at once?

I don’t understand how this is considered an ultra marathon.

Here’s a cool video preview of a section of Two Oceans Marathon.

Why Pre still matters.

I bristle at the “I could never do that” response from many people, but with this type of stuff, I’d use it all day. Holy poop in my pants, Batman!

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