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Win this book!
Win this book!

Help name this page! What’s a good tagline for the URP Daily News? “Spelunking social media so you don’t have to” is already taken!

Submit a creative line in the comments below and we’ll vote for the best. Winner will snag a copy of “100 Mile Runner – Finish Line Portraits” by Larry Gassan.  Contest ends this Friday.

Alastair Humphreys figures out the key to success. I need to write these down on my arm when I’m in a race.  Takeaway:  This is why sport matters so much to me. Because it doesn’t matter very much at all, yet its foundations are built upon things that matter very much indeed.

The art of the fartlek…and no, it has nothing to do with your favorite beer.

Yeah, it’s a web-commercial, but this video’s got some great footage of trail running from top runners, and it’s shot by one of my favorite photographers, Matt Trappe. (Sorry, video is temporarily down. Will repost when back up.)

I don’t know, is this really something to get so hysterical over?

What do races cost, per mile?   Seriously, not one mention of an ultra??? Even WS (at $370) would be the third cheapest option on this awful list.

Sales of minimalist shoes plummet.

Well, do you know what the top 20 best selling shoes are right now?

Do you understand how Vespa works?

The importance of arm swing in ultrarunning.

Results from the Kaeser 6 day ultra in Hungary.  Winner covered just over 530 miles.

Richard Bowles finished his 8 day, 1000k run across Israel. (That’s him on our front page.)

…and on the other spectrum, Lagat and Rupp will go head to head in the 5000 at the Pre Classic on June 1.

Just got a message yesterday from the Bryce Canyon 100 RD that starts out “We’ve got two bombshells for you. I hope you’re sitting down for this.”  One, the course is rerouted to a more scenic single track (yay!) and two, the vert is now measured at 26k’, instead of the 12k’ that was originally planned last year. Like diarrhea and rain and cramps and wind and sun, we’ll have to make do and work with what we’ve got. Bring it!

Eight mistakes that could sabotage fitness success.

Here’s a three day, 210 mile run from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park, all in support of Boston Marathon victims.

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