Daily News, Tues, May 22

Funny: The fashion styles of the elite ultramarathoners.  Now that I think about it, the fellas are a lot more recognizable by their style than the ladies. Probably opposite of “real life”, which is weird.

Ellie’s five tips for running your first ultra.

How tough will it be to qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon Marathon?

Watch this documentary on the Tarawera 100k and try not to book a flight to New Zealand. I dare you.

A Q&A with a running dog.  Carlos, my Standard Poodle is good for 2 miles max. Do you have a 4 legged partner?

Breaking News: The female joggling WR for the mile has been broken.

Comrades: No Ellie, no Lizzy, no Devon, and now no Kami.  Heal up, ladies!

Speaking of Comrades, here are Bruce Fordyce’s 10 favorite Comrades moments.  And here’s an old interview with the King of Comrades from 1984 where he discusses racial segregation, apartheid, and his 50M record.

What’s trailrunning like outside of Seattle Washington right now? Check out Candice’s “snowathon” 100k story and great pics.

She’s a 2:58 marathoner, runs 100+ mpw, and is 16 years old. Meet Alana Hadley. Thoughts?

Three ways to avoid another Everest conflict.  I hear (and make) a lot of complaints about the problems associated with the rapid rise of trail running, but hey, we haven’t had a fist fight over it yet, right?

Does air pollution affect running performance? Can we see it as a positive and use it as altitude training for mountain runs?

Carbs: Evil or essential?

Good list: The top ten ultramarathon training tips.


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