Daily News, Tues, Sep 10

The Angry Jogger completes his first ultra! Hilarious experiences, dirty language, and a few lessons included.

Ras discusses what he likes about race series like the Grand Slam.

Good slideshow of Wasatch by photographer Derrick Lytle.

Heel strike uses less energy than a midfoot strike. The SweatScience guy is there!

Doc Horton grabs some good publicity for building and promoting part of VA’s trail system.

Emelie’s response to what happened with Kilian.

…and Kilian’s post-Matterhorn interview with Meghan at iRunFar.

Trail running Spain’s Costa Brava. ¬†Niiiice!

Josh Cox’s response to CGI’s decision to pull elite program funding. ¬†Josh still has the AR for the 50k and it’d be interesting to hear his take on how–if at all–the decision might affect ultras in the future.

Run Rabbit Run is coming up this weekend with a fat prize purse going to the top hares in the sport. Speedgoat, Olson, Lara, Schlarb, James, Mackey, Grant, and Kimball, Africa, Smith, and Scallon are on the list to vie for the prize.

The boys at Ultra168 discuss setting unrealistic goals. Good stuff.

Dax Ross’ JMT report with some great pictures and some new words to add to my lexicon…altitoots, bearanoid, etc.


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