Daily News, Tues, Sep 17

Check out Jill’s amazing report from PTL–that’s La Petite Trotte à Léon–a 182 mile jaunt around Mt. Blanc with 78k’ up and 78k’ down with no aid, no crew, no course markings, and a 136 hour time limit. Ho-ly crap.

So what did the Angry Jogger learn about himself after his first 50k?

Great Wasatch report from Rod Bien.

A thorough analysis of Mo’s gait. Yeah, it’s for roadies, but good gait never hurt anyone, right?

Fascinating look at Lynne Hewett, one tough runner who I’d love to spend some time with.

Cool report from a trail marathon in Finland. Great trails!

Funny post on giving directions.  On the trails, I’m somewhere between “Give me perfect, concrete directions” and “I don’t give a damn, I’d rather get lost” depending on how I’m feeling that day and what kind of time I have.

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