Daily News, Tues, Sep 24

Alright RD’s, if you could figure out how to hook this stuff up to an aid station mister at around mile 70, I’d be forever grateful.

Here’s a great primer on trail running’s funky cousin…cyclocross.

Run vs bike and other calorie burning questions.

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…drug testing just leads to fake penises. Wait, what?

How do you handle it when you head out on a run and you feel like hell? Do you listen to your body or do you push through?

Meghan’s UTMB report with some great pics that help understand the difference between a hill and a mountain.

…and Mackey’s RRR report.

What’s your favorite race and what makes it special? Much of MUT running isn’t old enough to go through course changes, RD changes, etc, and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s accepted by the greater community.

UROC women’s preview. I’m most excited to see what Esther Muriithi does.

Ian’s full preview right this way.

My dad has done some ballpark bagging, but I like the idea of track bagging even more.

Marvelous Mimi isn’t running the Spartathlon this weekend. She’s running the double Spartathlon.

If you’re in WA and want input on what to do with thousands of miles of potential trails, check this out.

It’s sometimes hard for us Californians to understand, but often times winter means snow, and snow means no trail races.  Well, except for these crazy events.

Some great pics from another 14er in Colorado.

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