Daily News, Feb 14

I generally eschew stuff like this, but tell me this wouldn’t be fun/scary/strange to wear.

The seven most scenic marathons. Meh. I’ll take any trail run over most of those.

If you want to race across Iceland, here’s a list of mandatory items. Ugh.

Anton on injuries.

Whoa, BladeRunner Oscar Pistorius charged with shooting and killing his girlfriend. Tragic.

Here’s our last minute V-Day gift guide for ultrarunners.

The essentials of distance running mechanics. Good stuff.  h/t to Scott Toll.

Great news for California craft beer drinkers! ABC is allowing (allowing?…WTH?) us to refill growlers at any brewery, so long as labels are covered and some other BS.

Asheville, NC sounds like a great trail running (and beer) town.

Good stuff: Five healthy tips from around the world.

Adidas bets on high-tech running shoes to catch up to rivals.

Station Note re: download timeouts. We think we’ve identified the problem. With our recent growth, we’re burning through over 1.5 terabytes of bandwidth per month, our shared servers are bonking, and upgrading will cost more than we’ve got (about $5k.)  We’d like to stay relatively ad free, so if anyone’s got any ideas (or the winning lotto numbers), please send them our way!  We really want to keep recording podcasts as Scotty and I learn as much from them as you do. Thanks a ton for your support through all this.

And in related news…yesterday was our biggest traffic day ever. Thank You to everyone who finds the time to click on over to our little neck of the woods and read our reviews, news, and views on this wacky world.


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