Daily News, Wed, Apr 10

Race report from a first time ultra idiot.

Why running is the perfect pastime for geeks.

Richard Hunter and guide Bob Halpenny at AR50 finish. Pic courtesy Lisa Challstrom
URP Guest Richard Hunter and his guide Bob Halpenny at AR50 finish. Pic courtesy Lisa Challstrom

Want to start an argument with your running friends? Bring up cortisone shots. To get them, or not to get them?

…or you could bring up the right way to hydrate.

Check out our brand spanking new podcast with Montrail studette Amy Sproston.

<–That right there is one of my favorite pictures of the year.

Check out trail-box. It’s a service that delivers a trail-oriented grab bag of goodies to your doorstep each month that looks pretty cool.

More from Roes on overtraining.

Got some new Scott T2 Kanabalu shoes a few days ago and I’m loving them so far. Considering them for Lake Sonoma, but I’m tapering and won’t be able to really break them in.

How to train your brain to run better.

More on lactate threshold…this time from the Sweat Science guy.

I better add this place in the French Alps to my bucket list of places I need to go.

…and while your at it, add this brand new book to my reading list.

Interesting: Why runners shouldn’t plank.

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