Daily News, Wed Apr 17

Want to get away? Did you know there were webcams around Yosemite? Check it out.

Here’s a good NYT piece on Lizzy Hawker that unfortunately was drowned out by the rest of the news on Monday.

I’d highly recommend Scott Dunlap‘s piece on Boston. He’s getting faster with age (dayum!), buying rounds of beer during tragedies, and has now narrowly missed two major bombings on the East Coast.

“As for the young guys who were cutting all the padding out of their shoes and running super long distances, I can think of two in particular, one of whom races infrequently, at best, due to injuries and the other is now a farmer and hasn’t raced in years.”

–Dakota talks about shoes and minimalism.

Feel like a 50k in Montana in September? How about with 8,200′ of gain? Oh, and the RD is the yurt dweller himself, Mike Foote.

Don’t think you can get faster as you get older? Don’t tell Ashby.

wolf-eyesHow to hike/run in wolf country.

Past guest Cherie Yanek has some opinions on women in sports.

Sugary drinks + skinny guys = sore knees.

Here’s my review of the Scott T2 Kinabalu.

If I’m reading this study correctly, it indicates that post-workout cooling may be a significant help in recovery. Where to find a cold place after a spring/summer ultra is the big question now!

Here’s a video of the Fruitarian at HURT.




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