Daily News, Wed Apr 23

Compelling: A female hiker grapples with mysterious Mt Tam deaths.

Sometimes things just fall into place: A nudist craft beer festival.

Good rant: Fitness is not a computer.

Did ya see the new 5Qs with Sue Anger?

Ian turns in his Ultra Trail Mt Fuji preview.

I’ve listened, and yes, URP koozies are coming back! The order has been placed, they’ll be available next week!

Five simple steps to putting together a good training plan.

This is what I feel like when I leave an aid station and I’m short on time.

I also finally got around to reviewing the shoes that I’ve been wearing for the past six months.¬†(LINK FIXED)

Scott turns in a great Boston recap. And it’s true…36k people there, and somehow the MUT runners find each other.

Speaking of Boston…that group that carried the injured runner across the finish line? Yeah, didn’t happen.

Big races in mountain running.

Speaking of mountains, The Canyons 50k is next weekend. Since I have’t run over 12 miles since January, this’ll be interesting!

Well it’s official: I’m the Beer Consultant for the Tahoe 200. Testing will be rigorous and thorough.

…and more beer news! Check out this automated home brew set up. Pretty cool! It didn’t mention anything about cleaning it though. If it’s self-cleaning, I’m in!

The limits of “no pain, no gain.”¬†LINK FIXED.

And on a similar note, a sciencey post about pain threshold, hill repeats, and ultrarunners.

Scenes from the trail that are better than the movie Frozen. (And if you have a girl at home, you know the movie I’m talking about.)

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