Daily News, Wed Apr 24

Why women should not run. Whoa, there, partner. h/t to Chris T.

Oregon officials ban running at three wildlife refugees, though still allow hiking and…wait for it…hunting. Yes, I get the distinction, but the PR and messaging is poor.

The boys at Ultra168 give a great preview to this weekends Ultra Trail Mt Fuji.

It’s started: Bags not allowed at Miami road race.

Read about Oz ultrastud Richard Bowles here in his run across Israel.

blanketFifty uses for an emergency blanket.

Here’s a great rundown of the 1985 London Olympics, where the winner (and still record holder) took what must be the fastest pit stop of all time.

Jeff Valliere runs R2R2R and the day doesn’t go as planned. Good insight and lessons though.  I haven’t done it, but Sage’s video is pretty good inspiration.

Photo essay: A day in the training life of Galen Rupp and Mo Farah.

Does double the workout equal double the benefit?

Trailrun Magazine reviews the Simple Hydration bottle. I’m a huge fan, too, and use it in every race I compete in. Here’s my (poorly written and formatted) review from last year.

Are you paying attention to the Tough Mudder death cases? It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but I’m pretty relieved I’m not a stock holder. My guess the trend will be over very, very soon.

Sorry, this guy seems like an attention-starved idiot.

…but hardly as ridiculous as beer-inspired massage treatments in Vail.  If you’ve got enough money to soak your feet in perfectly good beer, please send some my way. The extra money or the dirty beer, I don’t care.

How to look good in race photos. My usual shot is mouth agape, shoulders up, and some sort of stain on my clothing.

Can running and Crossfit co-exist? Are there any fast ultra-folk who do Crossfit regularly? I don’t know of any. (link fixed)

Why does it not surprise me that Geoff Roes is somewhat against (but participates in) FKT attempts?

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