Daily News, Wed Apr 30

What it takes to be a running explorer.

Crazy for even the craziest ultrarunners: Results from Sri Chimnoy 6 and 10 day race in New York.

Talk about crazy, here’s the most dangerous hike in Spain. Ack!

Winner of Chicago Marathon and London Marathon busted for doping. And we’re still denying it happens in our sport?

Want to be more creative? Take a walk (or a run.)

Definitely: An ultra runner’s attempt at becoming a yogi.

NUC (No Ultra Content), but this tree is so massive it’s never been captured in a photograph. Until now. (Link fixed)

This guy is going for a new Beer Mile record this weekend. And he’s an Aussie. Sayonara, Canada.

Five trail shoes for Spring (including the shoe Tim Olson won at his win at WS100.)

Report card says kids not active enough. Mine have the complete opposite problem.

I see and hear road runners talking about orthotics all the time, but I don’t recall ever hearing MUT runners bring up the issue. Why?

High quality long runs, by Scott Jurek.

Give me this trailer and take all of my money. Fine.

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