Daily News, Wed, Aug 13

Why running makes you live longer.

Some rad urban trails in Ottawa, eh.  Sacramento has a decent system along the American River too. Do you have urban trails?

Injury workarounds: What to do when you can’t run.

Ever found an envelope full of cash on a run? What would you do?

Summer is often the most disastrous time for my fitness. Vacations, BBQs, relaxed schedules.¬†Glad to know I’m not alone.

An old post, but still great stuff: Rethinking how to train.

The Ultimate Direction FastPack is finally available. Here’s our review on it.

Yeah, I’m getting a bit jealous of Flagstaff. Killer trails, cool people, great breweries.

This device could find a great market in crews/runners during a trail run. No cell service, no problem!

What’s your mantra? (Mine is telling myself over and over that my kids will be at the finish waiting for dad.)

Not a lot of MUT news out there today. What’d I miss?

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