Daily News, Wed, Aug 14

Why Sierre-Zinal is the best trail race in the world.

I’ve known of Al Howie, but I didn’t realize what an unadulterated badass he really was. Wow! I wish we had a time machine and could interview him in his prime.  h/t to Gary R.

Haha: This is what happens when a hundo newbie asks a simple question on Facebook.

How many times have you heard “running is going to give you arthritis.”  Next time you do, just send them this study.

Not only has Bill Finkbeiner run every day since 1980, but this weekend he’s going for his thirtieth consecutive Leadville finish.

Ellie is still recovering from an injury, she hasn’t raced in months, she doesn’t do well at altitude, she considers uphills her weakness, and she dislikes sub-marathon distances, but she decided to run Dakota’s Telluride Mountain Run Hill Climb event and I’ll let you guess how she did.

It’s Wednesday, must be time for another list. This week…The top ten hiking trails in the world.  Looks pretty decent.

OK Northern California fellas…I’m running Inside Trail’s Skirt n Dirt 50k on Aug 31, as it fits perfectly into my schedule (two weeks before Headlands Hundred) and I really don’t want to be the only guy out there. Yes, I’ll be wearing a skirt. Would a race entry entice you???

I’d like to print out copies of this and hand them out to fat people on scooters.

Can you guess which countries were tested the most by the IAAF?

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